What I Do Everyday – Episode 6

WIDE Episode 6

How to use Facebook groups… “Unscalable” conversations… and product packaging to build a world-class business.

Want to know what it REALLY takes to build a business you love, without burning out… and still have time to have a life?

Today we covered:

  • TRANSPARENCY: Review of how I spent my time this week, and why marketing and sales are always in my top 3 activities each week (and should be in yours too).
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Breakdown of the new program packages we’re rolling out right now, and how (and why) we’re adding MASSIVE value to our current offerings.
  • SALES: Breakdown of the “Unscalable Conversations” concept we employ to close more sales, and engage our clients.
  • DELIVERY: Walkthrough of how and why we’ve transitioned our client support groups from Slack to Facebook, and how it improves the client engagement experience.
  • And much more…

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