What I Do Everyday – Episode 5

WIDE Episode 5

Traffic temperature… Funnel flows… and Opt-in pages – Let’s dig in!

On my weekly Facebook live called ”What I Do Everyday” I share my real results each week, as well as the tools, templates, tactics, and techniques I use in my business to stay on top of my game whilst moving house, buying a farm, raising two kids, training martial arts, studying to become an Emergency Medical Technician, and trying to be an awesome husband — without burning out… and still have time to have a life!

Today we covered:

  • TRANSPARENCY: Review of how I spent my time this week, (…plus last week, and last month).
  • COACHING: Take a look at the Traffic Temperature and Funnel Flow training I taught to my high-end coaching clients yesterday.
  • MARKETING: Breakdown of the new opt-in pages I’m building out for my refined and improved marketing and sales funnels.
  • And much more…

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