What I Do Everyday – Episode 1

WIDE Episode 1

Want to know what it REALLY takes to build a business… whilst moving house, buying a farm, raising two kids, training martial arts, studying to become a Paramedic, and trying to be an awesome husband?

Join me live on Facebook once a week for a detailed, “behind-the-scenes”, no-fluff look at exactly what I do each day to build my business, and balance it with my life.

I’ll be showing my results each week, as well as sharing some of the tools, templates, tactics, and techniques I use in my life & business to stay on top of my game.

If you like the idea of actually seeing what it REALLY takes to build an awesome, highly-leveraged business… that you can run from anywhere… without burning out… and still having time to actually have a life, join me live each week for Go W.I.D.E. Wednesday for 30 minutes of no-holds-barred, real-world truth, where I’ll cover What I Do Everyday.

Today we covered:

  • The free, online time-tracking system I use to master my time and productivity
  • What my daily schedule looks like
  • The system built-in to your Apple devices that lets you know how much time you spend on every app, everyday (and how to use it to be more productive)
  • My upcoming “moving home” roadtrip from the Gold Coast to Tasmania
  • Andy Frisella’s #75HARD program
  • And more…

If you have questions, feel free to connect with me and send a DM for a personal reply.

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