Why You Should Get Interviewed On Podcasts [Audio]

Have you ever been interviewed on a podcast?

It’s fantastic for credibility in your market… free exposure to targeted prospects… and forming outstanding relationships with influencers.

Here’s a selection of podcast interviews with our own Creative Director, Nick Cownie.

Stellar Life Podcast with Orion Talmay

Stellar Life Podcast | Success Dynamics Institute
Stellar Life Podcast with Orion Talmay

Orion Talmay is a powerhouse in the personal development industry.

Her popular Stellar Life podcast attracts thousands of listeners each week.

She has interviewed some incredible experts, ranging from Dr. John Demartini all the way to Dave Asprey, of the Bulletproof Executive (you know… the guy who made putting butter in your coffee a thing).

In this interview, Orion grills Nick on The Seven Habits of FAILURE That Sabotage Your Success.

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Marketing Speak Podcast with Stephan Spencer

Marketing Speak Podcast | Success Dynamics Institute
Marketing Speak Podcast with Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer is prolific.

The guy is literally EVERYWHERE.

Not only is Stephan co-author of the bible of search engine optimisation, The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimisation, he also host two wildly popular podcasts; Marketing Speak and The Optimized Geek.

In this jam-packed podcast interview Nick reveals in step-by-step details his unique "value-first" cold-calling approach that is an absolute cash machine.

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Rising Stars Radio with Janet Beckers

Rising Stars Radio | Success Dynamics Institute
Rising Stars Radio with Janet Beckers

Janet Beckers is a multi-award winning entrepreneur from Australia.

Her popular web TV series MeTV is seen by thousands of savvy marketers around the globe every week.

In her equally popular podcast Rising Stars Radio, Janet interviews internet entrepreneurs to breakdown how they've achieved success online. Janet interviewed Nick about his Success Dynamics Institute's Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

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Millionaire Interviews Podcast with West Loh

Millionaire Interviews | Success Dynamics Institute
Millionaire Interviews with West Loh

West Loh is an internet marketer in Queensland, Australia.

One time partner of internet marketing superstars Andrew and Daryl Grant, West was responsible for organising and running the Money Mindset program.

In this podcast from way back in 2011 (which is also Nick's first ever interview!) West interviews Nick on Little Known NLP Techniques To Destroy Limiting Beliefs And Install Empowering Subconscious Programs.

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