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    Why 90% Of Goal-Setting Methods Absolutely Suck

    It's true... they've been selling you false promises. It's time to stop using "the Law of Attraction" and reading your goals out loud to yourself in the mirror every morning. You might as well sacrifice a goat while facing South during the full moon. It'll work about as well as most of these out-dated systems. We'll show you what to do instead. Which leads us to...

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    Separate Fact From Fiction - Discover What Really Works

    Let's pull back the curtain and show you the proven science and psychology behind a simple goal-setting system that has helped us to... become 100% debt-free... "work from home" while travelling the world with our two kids... write and publish international smash-hit books... be internationally in-demand presenters... train jiu-jitsu with UFC World-Champions... and a whole lot more. So join us and we'll show you...

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    How To Create EPIC Goals With Our Proven, Step-By-Step System

    Because there is a goal-setting system that actually works, just not how you'd expect it to. We're going to show you how to become the person for whom the achievement of your Extreme Personal Improvement goals is a natural side-effect of who you are, what you do, and how you show up in the world. Then we'll teach you...

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    How To Completely Revolutionize Your Life In The Next 90 Days

    Once you've set your EPIC Goal, it's time to get your butt into action and make it happen. So we'll share with you our unconventional system that guarantees you'll achieve it in just twelve short weeks. Cool? Then click one of those buttons on the left and get yourself registered for the webinar.

"Join us live as we walk you through our proven system
to create EPIC goals that revolutionize your life."

Alex Cownie
Managing Director, SDI

Nick Cownie
Creative Director, SDI
Author, 7 Minute Mindset

Hi, I'm Nick Cownie. Chances Are
...You've Never Heard Of Me.

On top of that... I'm making some pretty big claims, right?

Well, the great boxer Muhammad Ali once said:


"It ain't braggin' if
you can back it up."


So... how about I back it up for you right now.

Want Some Proof?

Here's A Little Taste Of How My Wife Alex
And I Have Made Our Lives EPIC...

  • I met and married my dream woman (after only eleven months)... We're still happily married nine years later, with two gorgeous kids.
  • Alex and I have launched four successful companies together... then sold two of them.
  • We took our kids to live and travel around Vietnam for three months at the end of 2016.
  • Between us we've won four all expenses paid trips to Thailand by winning very competitive business competitions.
  • Every three months we take our kids and travel the world so they can learn about other cultures first-hand, and create life-changing experiences and memories together.
  • We've won multiple entrepreneurship awards.
  • I achieved my black belt in freestyle Karate, and I'm working on two more black belts right now.
  • We're both published authors for our international smash-hit books, "How To Be A Ballet Dancer" by Alex... and "7 Minute Mindset" by Nick.
  • We've met most (almost all) of our heroes... Tim Ferriss (Author, "Four Hour Work Week"), Neil Strauss (Author, "The Game" and "The Truth"), Penn & Teller (World-Famous Magicians), Misty Copeland (Famous Ballerina)... and many more.
  • I am an in-demand international speaker... and right now I'm working on my first TV show.
  • Alex is a former professional ballerina from France (where she's still famous in the dance world).
  • I regularly travel to the USA to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with world-champions, UFC champions, and Navy Seals.
  • We're also 100% debt-free... we work when we want to (from home)... and we spend as much time as we want with our wonderful kids.
  • ...and so much more!

You Deserve To Live An EPIC Life... Let Us Show You How: