Seven Figure Phone Sales In Ten Hours Per Month [Video]

Phone sales skills are the closest thing to legitimate super powers that you can develop in business.

The ability to pick up the phone, generate high-quality leads… powerfully qualify them whilst simultaneously providing tons of value… and then convert them into high-paying clients is a game-changer.

Rather than write a massive article, I’ve decided to take you “behind the curtain” and reveal in step-by-step detail our exact phone sales process, as well as the mindset and framework that sits behind it and ultimately makes it a killer sales machine.

The seventeen videos you’ll find below are a selection of bite-sized chunks of sales boosting wisdom from¬†Samurai Sales —¬†which is one of the awesome bonuses in our LEAP: Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program.

You can also download the exact sales script we use to sign high-paying clients right here.

I recommend you watch these videos in order to wrap your head around our killer sales process (which has given us an 80% plus conversion rate into high-priced programs, ranging from $10,000 up to $33,000).

Video 16 – Why You Need A Phone Sales System

Video 17 – Three Step Phone Sales Process That Signs High-Paying Clients

Video 19 – These Skills Have Allowed Me To…

Video 20 – Essential Phone Sales Mindset

Video 22 – The Three Core Principles Of High-Ticket Sales Success

Video 24 – Progressive Pain: How To Effortlessly Turn Prospects Into Buyers

Video 25 – The ACTIVATE Call: How To Cold-Call Without Feeling Like A Spammy Douchebag

Video 26 – Overview Of The INSIGHTS Call: How To Qualify Prospects So You Stop Wasting Your Time

Video 28 – INSIGHTS Call: Step-By-Step Qualification Process

Video 29 – The SOLUTIONS Call: The Exact Sales Process That Signs High-Paying Clients

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Video 30 – How To “Get Hired” (Instead Of Begging For The Sale, Or Pressuring People)

Video 31 – The Five Real Reasons Why People Object On Sales Calls

Video 32 – Overcoming Objections In Four Simple Steps

Video 34 – Interactive Value Demonstrations: How To Prove Your Worth By Delivering Value

Video 35 – The Five Points You Must Cover To “Close The Sale” (And Open The Relationship)

Video 36 – What Every Prospect Needs To Hear to Say “Yes”

Video 37 – Step-By-Step Overview Of The SOLUTIONS Call Script

Got a great product or service you want to sell over the phone? Let us know what you’re selling in the comments below, and how this process will help you.


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Got a question about the process? Pop that in the comments too, and we’ll answer it for you.


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