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"Are You Ready To Master Your Mind... Complete Your NLP Education... And Become The HERO Of Your Own Life?"

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Discover How To Master Conversational Hypnosis And
Upgrade Your Subconscious Programming. When You
Join The HERO NLP Master Practitioner Program You Will...

So... What Exactly Is The HERO NLP
Master Practitioner Certification Program?

Hi, it's Nick Cownie here.

Let me ask you a question...

If I gave you a Ferrari for a day, but only let you drive it at 30 mph, would you feel like it wasn't being used to it's full potential?

What if you joined a martial arts class... got your yellow belt after three months... and suddenly your instructor told you, "Now you're ready for anything!"

Not to put too fine a point on it... but that's the position you're in now.

You've been introduced to what you're capable of with NLP...

...You've got some skills under your belt,

...but you're not *quite* a master -- Yet.

If you've already begun to notice that there are still a few holes in your NLP knowledge... and -- as you're looking at this page right now... and reading these words... you might find yourself beginning to realize...



This Is The Course You're Looking For
To Take Your Skills To The Next Level.


Philosophers, physicists, and mystics have long known that reality is not "fixed". You can bend it to your will... when you know how.

"Reality is merely an
illusion, albeit a very
persistent one."

Albert Einstein

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act ...but a HABIT."

Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy.

HERO is the "Habitual Excellence Reality Overhaul". Your very own HERO's Journey... Designed to give you the skills, strategies, systems, tools, and techniques to develop the habits of excellence, and re-create your reality as you see fit.

Here's What You'll Learn In The Twelve Week Online
HERO NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program...

Session 1 | "The Ordinary World" - Accelerated Subconscious Goal Achievement Strategies

  • Discover the root cause of your deepest limitations, so you can systematically remove them.
  • Learn the powerful, four-question "Voiding" technique to break through mental barriers and open up new possibilities of thought, emotion, and action.
  • Create rock-solid goals you know you'll achieve with Nick's six-step SPEEDY Goals framework.
  • Learn how to "implant" your goals into your future so you're magnetically drawn towards their inevitable achievement.

Session 2 | "Call To Adventure" - Foundational Frameworks For Lifetime Habitual Excellence

  • Examine the six areas that determine your quality of life, and the simple system for balancing them.
  • Discover the hidden link between your Values and Beliefs, and use this subtle framework to unpack your subconscious "criteria" for wealth, health and relationship success.
  • Learn how to elicit Values and Beliefs with focused questioning skills that reveal why and how you've been holding yourself back from success.
  • Make rapid, lasting changes to your Values Hierarchy to re-focus your mind on your top priorities.

Session 3 | "Refusing The Call" - Rapid Self-Diagnostic Framework & Advanced Anchoring, Part 1

  • Discover how to connect Perceptual Positions with Time Perception to identify the origins of your limiting beliefs.
  • Apply the "Six Neurological Levels" to rapidly self-diagnose the subconscious location of your Habits of FAILURE.
  • Learn how to align your Neurological Levels for total unconscious congruency, and radical authenticity.
  • Learn the advanced kinaesthetic anchoring technique ("accidentally" discovered by Elvis Presley) that generates even more intense states, and more powerful triggers.

Session 4 | "Meeting The Mentor" - Foolproof Planning Methodology For Consistent, Outstanding Results

  • Discover the planning strategy modelled from one of the most creative entrepreneurs, dreamers and creators of the last century.
  • Reconcile the split between your inner "Dreamer" and internal "Critic" to stop shutting down your plans and dreams before they get off the ground.
  • Learn how to ensure your plan satisfies the three criteria of Foolproof Planning by forming a solid vision... implementing a realistic, achievable action-plan... and cross-checking for "faults and fixes".
  • Leave with a step-by-step plan to achieve your biggest, most daring goals and dreams.

Session 5 | "Crossing The Threshold" - Advanced Anchoring, Part 2

  • You already know how to create new anchors to access any state you want at the "push of a button"... but how do you REMOVE unwanted anchors?
  • Discover the advanced "reverse anchoring procedure" that collapses negative or unwanted anchors in just minutes.
  • Learn the simple process that instantly removes the negative emotional charge of visual anchors (or images you can't get out of your head!).
  • Conduct an Anchor Audit to identify anchors that are slowing you down, holding you back, getting in your way, and stopping you from achiveing your goals.

Session 6 | "Tests, Allies & Enemies" - Challenge Week: Review, Refocus, Recommit

  • Review everything that has been taught in the course so far. Make sure you're up to speed, and all your questions have been answered.
  • Re-examine your pre-conceived notions of what's possible for you and your life.
  • Refocus on your goals, and question everything you thought you knew about how long it'll take to achieve them.
  • Recommit to your own journey to become the HERO of your own life.

Ready To Upgrade Your NLP Knowledge...

Master Your Mind, Complete Your NLP Education
And Become The HERO Of Your Own Life

Session 7 | "Approaching The Inmost Cave" - Subconscious Symptom Management Protocols

  • Discover how to directly communicate with your mental, emotional and physical symptoms to identify the root cause, and resolve them on the subconscious level.
  • Learn the simple, yet highly effective technique that resolves pain using only your mind in under sixty seconds.
  • Apply advanced timeline techniques to go beyond the capabilities of the CLEANSE Process, and resolve specific, "point-in-time" blockages.

Session 8 | "The Ordeal" - Conversational Hypnosis, Part 1: Advanced Language Skills

  • Learn how to identify the "linguistic tip-offs" that reveal the hidden meaning and motivation behind anyone's words.
  • Learn the powerful three-question "Iceberg Technique" that exposes the fragile foundations of your limiting beliefs, and collapses them completely in just a few short minutes.
  • Discover the fourteen Sleight of Mouth patterns that effortlessly destroy any objection.
  • Apply the one (grammatically incorrect) language pattern that sneakily eliminates limitations from the subconscious mind using verb tenses.
  • Learn how to reverse presuppositions to scramble the logic behind limiting beliefs and decisions, and free yourself to "think bigger".

Session 9 | "Seizing The Sword" - Conversational Hypnosis, Part 2: Indirect Hypnotic Induction Patterns

  • Learn the eighteen indirect hypnotic induction patterns pioneered by the forefather of modern hypnosis.
  • Discover the two most hypnotic words in the English language, and use them to create a powerful two-word hypnotic induction.
  • Develop and refine your suggestion skills with advanced procedures for using hypnotic presuppositions, indirect elicitations, indirect suggestions and negative suggestions.
  • Learn and apply the Ericksonian Utilisation Principle to use interruptions, distractions and disturbances to your advantage in conversational hypnosis.

Session 10 | "The Road Back" - Conversational Hypnosis, Part 3: Hypnotic Metaphors, Analogies & Stories

  • Learn how to multiply the effectiveness of your conversational hypnosis by embedding your language patterns inside intensely hypnotic metaphors and stories.
  • Discover the two types of hypnotic metaphors, and gain the skills to transition between them seamlessly.
  • Learn how to use quotes to easily deliver absolutely any suggestion you want without risking it being rejected.
  • Develop the skills to construct your own hypnotic metaphors, analogies, and stories on-the-fly with zero preparation with this simple seven step framework.
  • Combine pacing and leading, communication-style preferences, sensory language, and hypnotic suggestion into one of the easiest, and most powerful conversational hypnotic inductions you'll ever learn.

Session 11 | "Resurrection" - Identity Level Change: Upgrading Your Subconscious Meta-Programs

  • Discover the secrets of your subconscious "meta-programs" that even experienced psychologists don't know.
  • Learn the difference between basic, complex, foundational and operational subconscious programming, and how to utilize each type for rapid change.
  • Elicit your own (and other people's) deep subconscious programming, and learn how to identify where and how it's holding you back.
  • Learn how to "flick the switch" in your unconscious mind to instantly change your meta-programs for deep, identity-level change that lasts.

Session 12 | "Return With The Elixir" - Completing Your HERO's Journey

  • Review you HERO's journey and finalize any remaining questions.
  • Create a plan to incorporate your new NLP Master Practitioner skills into your life.
  • Discover our closely guarded secret framework for mastering your "F8".
  • Decide on your next steps within the SDI community.

Ready To Upgrade Your NLP Knowledge...

Master Your Mind, Complete Your NLP Education
And Become The HERO Of Your Own Life

Why Should You Invest Twelve Weeks To Become
An NLP Master Practitioner With Nick Cownie?

Chris Says... "My Life Was Spinning Out
Of Control - Now I Feel More Powerful."

Kim Says... "I've Learned The Simple
Tools To Change Things Permanently..."

Chantel Says... "Now I Have The Confidence
I Can Create The Life That I Want."

Jeff Says... "This Has Been The
Biggest Change In My Life."

Hey, It's Nick... Can I Share A Few
Personal Experiences With You?

By now you might have scrolled up and down the page a few times...

Maybe you've seen the video testimonials from others who've trained NLP with me...

And perhaps you've read the descriptions of what I'll be teaching you each week.

Now I'd like to share just some of the ways I've been able to use these tools and techniques in my own life over the past decade.

Since learning in 2006 what I'm going to teach you over twelve life-changing weeks in the HERO NLP Master Practitioner program, I have...

  • Created the world's first (and only) live online NLP training certification programs.
  • Met and married my dream woman (...and we're still happily married ten years and two kids later).
  • Talked my way out of going to jail after almost causing a head-on collision with a Police car.
  • Talked my way in to the VIP of the most expensive nightclub in Las Vegas... for free (and brought three friends along for the ride).
  • Built a leveraged lifestyle business that runs from my laptop, and allows me to travel the world with my wife and two kids multiple times per year.
  • Mastered the art of "selling from stage", regularly making $75k to $100k in a single weekend, multiple times per year at my live events.
  • Won three all-expenses-paid trips to Thailand by consistently winning competitive business awards.
  • Wrote and published my book 7 Minute Mindset to international acclaim.
  • Helped tens of thousands of people from all over the world to breakthrough your self-imposed limitations, and create the life you deserve.
  • ...and much, much more.

Now, whilst that's awesome for me... and hopefully inspiring for you to see what's possible with your new NLP Master Practitioner skills -- the real question is:

Are YOU Ready To Stop Settling For Less Than The Life You Know You Deserve?

It's Time To Become The HERO Of Your Own Life.

Here's What You Get When You Join The HERO NLP
Master Practitioner Certification Program Today...

  • Twelve weeks of online HERO NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training with world-leading NLP expert, Nick Cownie... Value: $7,495
  • Unrestricted, lifetime access to the full video recording archive of your HERO NLP Master Practitioner training... Value: $995
  • Weekly, live Q&A sessions to ask further questions, cement your new skills, and troubleshoot any areas you need more help with... Value: $3,495
  • Comprehensive downloadable 99 page HERO NLP Master Practitioner Training Manual... Value: $297
  • Downloadable digital copy of the Complete NLP Scripts and Processes manual... Value: $98
  • Daily support via the HERO's Cave members-only private Facebook group... Value: $1,000
  • UP-FRONT PAYMENT BONUS: Exclusive access to the video recordings of Nick's elite three-day workshop "7 Minute Mindset Mastery", where he reveals closely guarded secrets for mastering your wealth, health, and relationships... Value: $1,297

Total Value: $14,677.00

Choose the option that's right for you:

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Your card will be charged AUD $697 today, then AUD $697 each month for two consecutive months.

$697x 3
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I'll Make Three Payments

    I'm so confident that you'll LOVE this training, I want you to take it 100% risk-free for a full 30 days. If at any time during the first 30 days, for absolutely any reason you don't believe this is the best investment you've ever made in your mindset and life, simply send us an email requesting a refund, and we'll return 100% of your money, no-questions-asked.

    Here's A Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes. See What Some of Our Amazing Students Have To Say About NLP Training With Nick Cownie...

    "Nick smashed through my
    money mindset blockages."
    - Linda Miller

    "Nick cured my lifelong nail-
    biting habit in just minutes."
    - Joe Brennan

    "I've spent 20 years studying the
    mind. I learned a lot!"
    - Beverley Searle

    "So many practical techniques
    I can apply immediately."
    - Gary Knapp

    "It's been awesome. I look
    forward to using all the tools."
    - Laurie Krass

    "This will help to unravel
    the knots inside you."
    - Karelynne Randall

    "I highly recommend it to
    anyone who wants to succeed."
    - Paul Griffiths

    "I feel transformed. My business
    will grow in leaps and bounds."
    - Jill Prior

    "Now I'm able to make it on my
    own in my own business."
    - Mara Egan

    "Nick fixed my friend's addiction
    to painkillers in a few minutes."
    - Daniel Sapwell

    "The most simple, practical
    process I've ever been through."
    - Karen Cranwell

    "Serious about changing your
    life? You'll get the tools here."
    - Dan Galluci

    "Nick's given me the tools
    to accelerate my life."
    - Lindsay Turvey

    "Nick helped me to find the
    blockages holding me back."
    - Johanna Georges

    "I came back... and learned
    even more than last time!"
    - Gary Knapp

    "I will use these techniques
    in my life forever."
    - Taryn Whittaker

    More Rave Reviews From Satisfied Clients...

    Ready To Upgrade Your NLP Knowledge...

    Master Your Mind, Complete Your NLP Education
    And Become The HERO Of Your Own Life