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All of our programs develop high-level competencies in rapid, unconscious influence and persuasion using the science and psychology of suggestion.

The skills you'll learn here have been researched, tested, proven and honed over a more than a decade by principal consultant and trainer, Nick Cownie, and the Success Dynamics Institute team.

The result?

​​​​​​​A framework for influence and persuasion that will upgrade your strategy, enhance your psychology, and sharpen your delivery to give you and your team a significant edge when you Connect, Lead, Persuade and Sell.

Discover how to build and maintain high-level, mutually beneficial relationships.
Transform your team 
 with the 3 pillars of confidence, discipline, & execution.
Learn the 4 step process for getting people to do exactly what you want very, very quickly.
Deploy the science of suggestion to bypass the conscious mind and sell directly to the subconscious.

The FAST Influence Framework is a four step process for getting people to do exactly what you want very, very quickly.

The framework is based on decades of research into the science and psychology of influence, persuasion and neuro-linguistics.

  • Learn how to speak so others will listen, and feel compelled to take action on whatever you say.

  • Deploy word-for-word influential language patterns you can use to seed suggestions to influence people indirectly.

  • Discover how to deliver your sales presentations on multiple communication levels simultaneously.

  • Easily read the subtle psychological cues that reveal true motivations and desires.

  • Learn how to make more sales without using a script... so you stop sounding like a robot, and increase your conversion rate.
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The PROVE Sales Process brings the wisdom of Daoism to your sales team to provide unique, unconventional, and highly-effective skills.

Created by Nick Cownie (B. HSc. TCM) by combining sales best practices with his extensive professional training and clinical experience as a traditional Chinese medicine specialist, the PROVE process is suitable for elite sales teams who want to be the best.

The PROVE Process will show you how to:

  • Develop diagnostic sensitivity to read prospects based on their physical, emotional and verbal attributes.

  • Match your sales messages to their exact elemental profile through sophisticated pattern identification (bian zheng).

  • Deploy targeted emotional triggers to easily resolve obstacles and objections.
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Have you ever heard "your network is your net worth", or "it's not what you know, it's who you know", but don't want to waste precious time on outdated, slow networking strategies?

Connected shows you how to build and maintain high-level, mutually beneficial relationships with the people that matter.

You'll craft and deploy a cutting-edge approach to networking and relationship building that'll do much more than get your foot in the door.

​​​​​​​You'll learn how to:

  • Identify the right people to connect with, and strategically form a long-term relationship based on value-in-advance.

  • Reach absolutely any expert, entrepreneur, executive, or celebrity.

  • Become known as a super-connector that people want to refer to their own network.
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What would happen to your sales productivity, revenue, and profitability if your entire sales team were as effective as your top performers?

That’d be a game-changer, right?

The SHIFT Method is an unconventional system for transferring excellence, and creating top performers on demand using elite performance psychology.

Continuously tested and refined since 2006, this customised solution allows you to:

  • Identify the outstanding: Find your top sales people, and extract their subconscious map for achieving outstanding results.

  • Copy and paste excellence: Create a transferrable model of elite sales psychology and performance.

  • Shift your sales results: Embed the model directly into the subconscious minds of the rest of your team, so they automatically think, feel, and act like top-performers.
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Most people want to give their all, perform at their best, and achieve outstanding results, both personally and professionally.

The problem is, very few people knows how.

Your solution is EPIC: The Extreme Personal Improvement Challenge.

​​​​​​​Delivered either live, in-house over 3 days, or in a blended online format over 12 weeks, EPIC will transform your team through the 3 pillars of Confidence, Discipline, and Execution.

Whether you want to take your team from under-performers to superstars, or upgrade them from awesome to elite, EPIC will turn them into a highly-focussed force of productivity, cohesion, and results.

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