Author: Nick Cownie

FAST Influence Essentials: How To Use Influential Language Patterns

Influential Language Patterns are one of the most powerful tools in your influence toolkit. I’ve spent the better part of a decade mastering the patterns of influential language. In this short, 15 minute video you’ll learn seven of the simplest, and most powerful patterns you can use straight away to increase your influence, impact and

FAST Influence Essentials: How To Leverage The Likeness

“Leverage The Likeness” is one of the first techniques I teach in the FAST Influence Framework. In a forty page ebook, there’s only so much room to cover everything I have to say on this topic, so here’s a fifteen minute video to guide you through one of the essential elements of leveraging likeness as

[Case Study] Is It Possible To Overcome Habits In Just Minutes?

Overcome lifelong habits in just minutes? Impossible! … Or is it? Actually, it’s entirely possible — under the right circumstances. And I know this to be true, because I’ve helped countless people (as in thousands by now) to get rid of lifelong habits, often with just one EPIC NLP technique… and usually in less than

Crush Self-Sabotage In Five Simple Steps

Self-sabotage is something everyone suffers from. After a decade of helping people overcome self-sabotage, we’ve identified a simple, five-step process you can use to snap yourself out of it when it rears it’s ugly head in your life. The Five Step Process To Crush Self-Sabotage Step 1: Recognise The Pattern This is self-explanatory… You need

How To Be Fearless

Have you ever wished you were absolutely fearless? Just Imagine… Having the focus and internal “drive” to take your business idea and launch it successfully in just 3 months… Ridding yourself of fear, self-doubt, and anxiety so you can finally be comfortable approaching and talking to strangers any time you like… Boosting your confidence so

Millionaire Mindset Change Formula

Do You Have The Millionaire Mindset? A few days ago I had a chat with a student of mine about the “Millionaire Mindset”, and making more money. I explained a concept one of my (ridiculously wealthy) friends and mentors taught me a few years ago at an ultra-intense money mindset seminar. Here’s his formula:  

Email Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

Email subject lines exist for one reason only. Whether you’re sending emails to book more sales calls… trying to get people to register for a webinar… or you want to sell more of your products and services — if your email subject lines suck, your email will never get opened. That’s why today I’m going to show

Seven Figure Phone Sales In Ten Hours Per Month [Video]

Phone sales skills are the closest thing to legitimate super powers that you can develop in business. The ability to pick up the phone, generate high-quality leads… powerfully qualify them whilst simultaneously providing tons of value… and then convert them into high-paying clients is a game-changer. Rather than write a massive article, I’ve decided to

Seven Figure Sales Webinars: Slide-By-Slide Breakdown

Sales webinars are awesome. Picture this… You’re in an AirBnB apartment overlooking the river Seine in Paris. It’s summer, which means the sun is still up even though it’s 9pm. You’ve just finished running one of your own sales webinars half an hour ago, and just before you close down your laptop, you have a

Your One-Page Million Dollar Marketing Plan

Have you ever wondered if there’s a secret to planning a high six-to-seven-figure business? What if it were possible for you to create a million dollar marketing plan that fits on a single page? Here’s the bad news: If you’re like most people, you significantly overcomplicate the process of business planning. It’s not your fault