Our Team Have Consulted, Trained And Coached Clients From:

Alex Cownie, Managing Director

Alex is SDI's Managing Director. She's the driving force behind the company. A published author, experienced entrepreneur, and international speaker, Alex brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to her leadership.

Nick Cownie, Creative Director

Nick is the Creative Director at Success Dynamics Institute, and creator of the EPIC NLP Practitioner Certification program.

Nick is the creative genius behind all of our products and services.

He's also a certified NLP trainer, a published author, in-demand international speaker, and certified digital marketing specialist.

In his "former life" Nick was a qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, specialising in paediatric digestive disorders.

Rich Ocampo, EPIC Mentor

Rich Ocampo is an Ideal Coaching Global trained ontological coach and certified NLP Master practitioner through Success Dynamics Institute.

Rich draws from over 15 years experience in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting IT systems and infrastructure. He is able to analyze and troubleshoot clients’ current experience like a computer system. He designs coaching and practices to achieve life goals through ontological and NLP.

Here's Just A Handful Of The Thousands Of
Success Dynamics Institute Success Stories...

"Nick smashed through my
money mindset blockages."
- Linda Miller

"Nick cured my lifelong nail-
biting habit in just minutes."
- Joe Brennan

"I've spent 20 years studying the
mind. I learned a lot!"
- Beverley Searle

"So many practical techniques
I can apply immediately."
- Gary Knapp

"It's been awesome. I look
forward to using all the tools."
- Laurie Krass

"This will help to unravel
the knots inside you."
- Karelynne Randall

"I highly recommend it to
anyone who wants to succeed."
- Paul Griffiths

"I feel transformed. My business
will grow in leaps and bounds."
- Jill Prior

"Now I'm able to make it on my
own in my own business."
- Mara Egan

"Nick fixed my friend's addiction
to painkillers in a few minutes."
- Daniel Sapwell

"The most simple, practical
process I've ever been through."
- Karen Cranwell

"Serious about changing your
life? You'll get the tools here."
- Dan Galluci

"Nick's given me the tools
to accelerate my life."
- Lindsay Turvey

"Nick helped me to find the
blockages holding me back."
- Johanna Georges

"I came back... and learned
even more than last time!"
- Gary Knapp

"I will use these techniques
in my life forever."
- Taryn Whittaker

More Rave Reviews From Satisfied Clients...