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SDI offers unmatched, results guaranteed solutions in personal leadership, sales strategy, and persuasive presentation skills.

If your team doesn’t achieve our agreed upon results, our services are free.

What We Do

We make good sales teams great, and great teams outstanding. If you’re ready to transform your sales professionals into a world-class team of top-performers, our 100% guaranteed solutions might be a good fit.

Sales Team Transformation

Go beyond sales training to completely transform the results in your organization with cutting-edge behavioral psychology.

Personal Leadership

Empower your teams at every level to execute efficiently and effectively with intense confidence, focus, and discipline.

Presentation Skills

Deploy expert platform skills and stage management strategies to sell via live presentations and online webinars.

Need Advice?

Unsure if our training and consulting is the right fit for your organization? Book a free 15 minute, no obligation, no pitch discussion and we’ll discuss if or how we might be able to help.

Free Resources

Looking for cutting-edge strategies, tactics, skills, tools, and templates to transform your sales team? Our team regularly divulge our closely guarded sales-boosting secrets on the blog.

"Nick helped me go from $150 an hour, to $60k per month, in just one 15 to 20 minute conversation."
Kyle Burford
Founder, AgPads
"A lot of our members take Nick Cownie's programs and are getting incredible results. He has amazing systems, and amazing tools."
Neil Strauss
NYT Best-Selling Author

Meet Nick Cownie

Nick is founder and CEO at Success Dynamics Institute.

He’s a certified NLP trainer, published author, international speaker, and certified digital marketing specialist.

Nick is often brought in as the behind-the-scenes “secret weapon” to provide elite training and consulting to some of the most well-known companies in the world. 

His personal client list reads like the “who’s who” of the international business, sports, and entertainment communities.